See this shit? 

This shit has opened my eyes.

3 weeks ago I arrived here in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Here I met a dutch guy called Lieuwe and he looked at me for approximately 5 seconds before he went into his room and got a book for me. That book was “The Celestine Prophecy” and it has changed my life. It took me some time to get into it though, so he showed me “spirit science” and the flower of life, chakra’s and prana.

I always knew there was something more between humans, the earth and the seeable universe, but I never knew what. But this makes more sense. It doesn’t say there is a god, or that evolution didn’t happen or some shit like that, more the opposite. 

We humans know how the universe works, we know that gravity works, we know it’s 9,81 N/kg, and we know it is keeping us from falling off this planet as it spins wildly through space, but in reality, that doesn’t mean anything because yes, good, it works, but how exactly does it work?

This is where prana comes in. Prana is the energy between everything. It’s what is keeping atoms together, it’s what our soul is made out of, it’s what we humans exchange when we communicate, when we fight. When we make others feel good we are giving them prana and when we make others feel bad we are taking their prana, making them feel exhausted and tired.

I’ll not go into a whole long talk about this, because I could talk for hours already, but you are welcome to ask if you have questions.

After I read all this shit Lieuwe had showed me, I signed up for a week long yoga course. Twice a day; 2x2 hours. My yoga teacher, and two of my friends whom I did it with, you can see on the photo.

My yoga teacher showed me how to meditate, how to bond with my chakras and how to increase their energy individually. 

So now I am getting more and more in tune with my chakra’s, and to symbolise that, I got a flower of life necklace.

and finally, the yoga also made me much stronger, which is really cool.

I think I’m gonna continue doing yoga.